How to search the entire worksheet with partial text and return the search results?



I have gone through the following helpful post from

With this code i get results only if the cells don't contain spaces and if i entire the exact value. Is there a solution where i can search for the partial cell value and get the results?

For example, I have a sheet with entries like "Moong dal, Moong dal yellow, Moong dal Chilka, Moong whole beans" If i search with just "Moong" word can i get all the 4 results which have "Moong" word in it? 




Look for the line LookAt:=xlWhole in the code you have and replace it with LookAt:=xlPart



Hi Variatus,
Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I couldn't find "LookAt:=xlWhole " in the code I have attached to this post. Could you please have a look at it if you don't mind?
Dpal93 Feb 28, '20 at 6:32 am
It's in Sub SearchFind(). I found it with Edit > Find. You may be interested in my post on the Find method a few minutes ago, here
Variatus (rep: 4544) Feb 28, '20 at 9:21 pm
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