Spreadsheet not printing all Cell colors


I have a spreadsheet where some of the cells ar shaded through conditional formatting.  The colors at the top of the page that doesnt have conditional formatting are printing in color.  However the cells that have been shaded though the conditional formatting are not printing.  They aren't gray scal either.  Even in a print preview they are missing.  Any advice as to why?




Have you transferred your workbook between different Excel versions?  You may like to read up on how conditional formatting is dealing with backward compatibility here.

I wonder if something similar might happen if your printer driver is outdated, perhaps because the printer itself is.

If none of this helps, could you post a redacted version of your workbook?



I've never posted before.  I don't see a way to attach the file.  Do I need to resubit question with it attached?
mmcginnis (rep: 2) Jan 7, '20 at 8:57 am
You can Edit your question. Then, in Edit mode, you have access to a button "Add files" (or something like that) at the bottom of the screen. When you click that button you can browse to the file you want to attach. Note that only Excel files can be attached. Other formats aren't accepted.
Variatus (rep: 4392) Jan 7, '20 at 8:35 pm
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