run mutiple timer in the same sheet


hi can i run multiple timer in the same sheet ??? i try to change the sub whit a different name but only run the same cell event if i change in the marcro






The answer to your question is both no and yes.

There is only one time in the world, and there is only one clock in your computer. This clock ticks away regardless of whether you look at it, let your programs look at it, or just let it tick.

Timer is a function that allows you to run programs at certain points of time. You can specify absolute times, like 12/31/2019 12:00PM, or relative times, like "10 seconds after I started a counter".

You can have many counters and many absolute points. You can run different programs at different times. If you want to run the same progam consider a loop which triggers a run every hour, on the hour, for example. When programming such loops make sure that the end is specified neatly.


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