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Dear forum members,

I'd like to create an advanced excel task timer, it could be useful to many, unfortunately i can't complete it with my poor macro abilities but i designed it and we can make it with the help of everybody, here is a picture:





At the bottom of your idea there should be two databases. One should list tasks with their name, status, start and end times (target and actual) and probably some more. The other should record the time you actually work: start, end and task to which the time was applied.

Both databases must be designed with the final display in mind, perhaps one which isn't too different from the one you posted but I would hope that it should be more useful. Frankly, I don't see the information you wish to impart.

Of course, your design suffers from its wish to be input as well as output form. That is traditionally hard. What they usually do, is to add a button to the output form to call up an input form to, say, modify a task or add one. Once you immerse yourself in the project you will find that there are plenty of task managers from which you can draw inspiration. Start with Outlook, perhaps.

More difficult is the input for the second database, the one which records when you start and cease working on a task. It's really simple because all it takes is a task ID and a time. But you want it to be simple and foolproof, and you don't want your system to break down if you forget to click the "work end" button once. There should be plenty of opportunity to be inventive. Observe that Outlook doesn't have this.

Is your idea ready for patenting? I think you are about as far along the way as Ikarus was when he stuck feathers to his arms - a long, long way from building even a Boeing 737-8 Max which, as you may know, isn't really much better than Ikarus's contraption.

Start your work by designing the databases, column by column. You do that by having the output form in mind. Then design the output form based on the information your databases provide. When you're done with the basic project design you can start designing (yes, still designing!) the implementation. That comprises input forms and making rules for them, meaning rules regarding the data that will find their way into the DB through them, and rules by which the forms interact with your output form.

In all of this work you have no need of programming skills. That comes only after the design work is completed. However, it is normal that the design will undergo some modification in this phase to better adapt to the programming.


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