Make a UDF available in any workbook


How do I make a UDF available in any workbook?

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  1. Place your UDFs in a dedicated macro-enabled workbook.
  2. Save the workbook as an add-in (with xlam extension). 
  3. In the Add-ins dialog box on the Developer tab place a checkmark next to its name to load the add-in.

You may have to repeat step 3 with each workbook where you want the UDFs to be available. Save the workbook after placing the checkmark and the add-in will be loaded automatically thereafter.

FYI: Excel keeps add-ins in its own special location. When you save it, Excel will switch directories and you better pay attention to what it does so that you can find your file again. Add-ins kept in that location will appear in the Add-ins dialog box. They are "installed" but not "loaded". Installed means that they are opened along with the rest of Excel when you open the application. When you place the checkmark they are "loaded". You can see - and modify - the code in the VB Editor. I keep xlsm copies of my add-ins to avoid spoiling them with hasty modifications at runtime.


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