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Hello helpers!

I need help with a formula and can not seem to get it to work. I think i need to build in and IFERROR formula and can not figure it out.

I have two colums that require a conditional format.

Column M - This is either "Blank" or a capital "X"

Column N - This is a VLookup result so there are "#N/A", The other results are "Completed" "Pending" "Ready" "Dispatched" "Canceled"

The result I am looking for is to highlight the row when:

Column M is "Blank" OR Column N Does not equall "Completed"





The formula to use for the CF is:-


It will fail if there is an error in either referred cell. Therefore you mustn't allow VLOOKUP to return #N/A. You are right to use the IFERROR() function for this purpose. Construct your VLOOKUP like this:-

=IFERROR(VLOOKUP([your formula],"N/A")

The "N/A" entered by the function is different from an error. Your CF formula will interpret it as <> completed.


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