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Google Sheets Auto Set Time Stamp Script


I Have A Excel Google Sheet


I Need A script To Auto Fill Time Stamp if specified cells are Greater Than Zero

If B6:B500 Or D6:D500 are above Zero

To Set Time Stamp In This Format  HH:MM:SS  ( 10:12:55  )

To The Same Cell Of Column A

Thanks for your help In Advance




This site is dedicated to Excel, not to Google. You may find help here if you can attach your Excel file to your question. Hopefully, any solution that works in Excel will also work in Google Sheets. No guarantee or assurance given.
With that said, I suggest that you google for a solution first. In fact, I would be surprised if you wouldn't find one right here, on this site. If the solution you find doesn't quite do what you want, post it here and we will help you go the last mile.
Variatus (rep: 4889) Dec 8, '19 at 10:21 pm
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