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When i add multiple recipients on the same email, all of the recipients see each others email addresses and who i sent it to. Is there a way to avoid that? I don't want my recipients to see who else i am sending the same email to. Could anyone help me with this?

I attached an example below. abc will see that i sent the same email to bac and zyk AND vice versa. Is there a way to avoid this situation? = ";;" emailItem.CC = "" emailItem.BCC = "" emailItem.Subject = "Test, Test" emailItem.Body = "Hi All"



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The use of the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) will hide that recipient from all others.

However, I think you must send and email to at least one person.  That one person will be visable to all the BCC people.

(it could be yourself)



So you're saying instead of putting my recipients in the "To" section, 

I should put all of my ricipients in the "BCC" section and in the "To" section put my own email?

joshkogan24 (rep: 2) Dec 4, '19 at 2:27 pm
Yep or you could put you boss's address in the "to" and everyone would now think they and the boss were the only people getting the email so they had better action it quickly  ;-)
k1w1sm (rep: 197) Dec 4, '19 at 8:33 pm
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