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Our's is an academicc department running 3 courses. The requirement is to have an excel (macro-enabled) sheet which can be used to schedule a time table of about 6 periods in a day, 6 days a week. Subject name + Faculty name is to be mentioned. The data can be taken from another sheet which has subject names and faculty names can be in a seperate table sheet or list. 

IF anyone has a solution or suggestion about this issue, do help me.




There are two steps to making your list. Step 1 covers the design of the list. Step 2 covers its automation. You find help here for step 2, using either formulas or code. No one can help you with the design because you alone know what you want the sheet to look like. So, please design your sheet. Post a copy here together with a description of what data you wish to appear where under which conditions. That part is your question. Attend to it with the same care as you hope one of us will apply to an answer. Make sure that all the data you wish to appear are already in the sheet. Automation will just display them in different places according to the rules you set. Nobody here will or can invent the rules by which you work.
Variatus (rep: 4148) Nov 13, '19 at 5:57 am
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day 1  course1 , course2, course3, course1, course2, course 3

day2 see day 1

day 3 to 6 see day 1

I have a sneaky suspicion that there may be a few more requirements to be considered but your current set does not seem to warrant a macro. 



Not really what u mentioned... it is something like the following:
                         Period 1   Period 2    Period 3   Period 4   Period 5   Period 6
This array will be for all the three courses i .e to say... Course 1 Course 2 Course 3

Thanks for your response ...
vincyphillips Nov 8, '19 at 6:19 am
Send me file
beepetark Nov 8, '19 at 12:49 pm
Yes that is exactly what I said  
        period 1 period 2  period 3 period 4  ........ period 6 
Mon  course1 course 2 course 3 course 1....... course 3
What Have I missed?
k1w1sm (rep: 197) Nov 10, '19 at 3:35 am
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