Update Link Issue need advice


Have one main worksheet, which require to update data from multiple files worksheet from different directory.

Tried using "Record Macro" to create one macro to update all muliple link, and macro work fine with all from different files worksheet, using my NT login.

When with another NT login name, Link macro cannot work, need advice to rectify this, thanks



The reason why it can't work should be that the other user has no access to the macro or to the files that the macro links to. In order to suggest a solution if the problem is lacking access to the macro you should tell us where the macro is located and how it is triggered. Make sure that all users have access to the linked workbooks.
For good measure post a copy of your code here. Edit your question for this purpose and add the code to it.
Variatus (rep: 4088) Nov 5, '19 at 4:47 am
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