Calculating age through date of birth


Example is 20/02/90, 20 is the date, 02 is the month and 90 is the year. How to calculate the age of the person now.




=datedif(start date,end date, units)



N00772 (rep: 2) Oct 21, '19 at 2:49 pm
N00772, your comment "NO GOOD" is rude in several counts.
Firstly, allcaps indicates shouting on forums. I fail to see why you should feel the need to shout at poor beepetark whose only mistake seems to be that he tried to help you.
Secondly, the DATDIFF fuunction does indeed enable the calculation of a person's age because that is calculated by comparing the date of his birth with the current date. So, if you have difficulty applying the logic to your particular need screaming "NO GOOD" at the top of your lungs is no adequate replacement for a better explanation of your question.
Or is it that you have a problem implementing? Is it that the formula you have created displays a number instead of a date?
Variatus (rep: 4148) Oct 22, '19 at 11:28 pm
I didnot get u sir
beepetark Oct 26, '19 at 2:04 pm
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here is a formular I use 

=" Age = "& DATEDIF(H16,D4,"y") &" Years "&DATEDIF(H16,D4,"ym") &" Months "&DATEDIF(H16,D4,"md") & " Days"/CODE]
The H16 is the date of birth the D4 is the date you need to know their age - Probably [CODE]Now()
in most cases but I work in fixed time databases where calculations vary according to age 

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