Error while importing data from web using VBA


When I tried to import data from a website, everything has gone right except the format of data received. All the information contained in a web table has been downloaded into a single cell. How could I solve this problem



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There are separators in the data you download, usually a particular character such as comma or semicolon which tells an application like Excel to put the data between separators into one cell and choose the next cell for the next data until another character is encountered which instructs it to start a new row.

When you download data into Excel you must instruct Excel which character serves as separator. The result you describe is caused by Excel not recognising the separator which must be contained in the downloaded data. If there wouldn't be one these same data couldn't be displayed as a table on the website.

To cure the problem you should look for the separator specified in your scraping instruction and compare it to the actual separator you will be able to identify in the downloaded data. To get more precise help here you need to enable this comparison.


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