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Import data from Website with a date and options Picker


Hello, I have the same challenge for two websites, wich I want to import automaticly the data to excel. First is:


Second is:


Both I have to enter some "configurarion" before I get the table. Date is one of them, but I have other options and I need to press a buttom to have the data I want to integrate to uptadate in an excel table.

Can you help me to understand how can I do that? The simple table integration I can do already, but with these options on the site and a standar URL (don´t change according with the input data) I can´t.

Thank you very much.



You have found the question which is half the answer. The other half you may find by doing some research. You will find code to instruct your program to do what you want it to do (which you already know). If, after your research, you have difficulty implementing the code you found, post your code and tell us about the problem it poses or causes.
Variatus (rep: 4889) Sep 27, '19 at 6:22 am
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I think that this tutorial should get you on your way:

Login to a Website using a Macro

That shows you a way to submit forms using vba and macros in Excel.


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