Webpage data incorrect


Hi Guys,

Newbie, trying to extract data from webpage. It work fine as I wanted but

the data extracted does not telly to what is on the page?

Have attached file.



It looks like you did a great job on this and it seems to be working fine, but maybe the results change over time? What is exactly the issue? I see some results on the web page that are not in the workbook, but have you found a discernable pattern for the errors? One thing can be that you are or are not logged-in when you run the macro vs when you visit the web page in your browser.
don (rep: 1745) Sep 14, '19 at 10:49 am
Since you mention that. You are right the data telly with ith un logged in webpage.
How do you come over this. I do not want a page open like to do this in the background ass an instances
Devan Sep 14, '19 at 9:05 pm
Hi Don, Thanks for the info. And you are correct but I am just having error trying login.
Amazon has 2 set form to login . One for email and then another for password. I am lost. Can anyone help. Can pay for the solution. Devan
Devan Sep 17, '19 at 4:57 am
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