Creating a Form to print after adding data from UserForm


Trying my best to keep this as simple as possible and make it easier for future searchs.

I've got a 4 part UserForm that I add data to which compiles onto the spreadsheet.

Its already set to just print the userform but I would like it to print just the account number and account name on a 3x2 label.

Can this be done and how?




Your question lacks information about the workflow. Most probably you will either need to change the printer between printing the form and printing the label, or you will want to change the paper supply. Since the information required for printing the label has already been entered your problem would be one of sequencing. But by the way you ask the question you make it into a problem of printing a label. This will lead to duplication in the workflow.
Variatus (rep: 4392) Sep 14, '19 at 3:51 am
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try the attached. Needed to creat a second userform.

Pass the values


then close form 2

You will need to set up the size of the form to fit your label


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