Using Pivot Tables with Weighting Variable


So usually our vendors give us SPSS files for analysis past what they are required to provide for reporting, but in this case they gave us an excel file, where each respondent is on a row and the variables are in the columns.  One of the columns is the specific weights to be applied to the data set. 

In SPSS it's pretty simple you click on weight cases and it applies them.

So how can I do this in a Pivot table? I've never used pivot tables before, so I'm kinda lost.




Hi Sam, I'd need to see a sample file to be able to better help you. You can edit your question and upload one - just use basic sample data. PivotTables are best used for slicing and dicing information in many cases and I'm not sure how the weighting is meant to be applied in this case.
don (rep: 1825) Aug 7, '19 at 3:46 pm
Technically, I can't put any data online without an NDA (I work for the State), I made the following up:

Batch ID   Q1 Q2  Q3 Q4  Weight
2323          8    7    8     6    0.97559
2343          5    3    2    10   1.335

So respondent 2323, all of their answers are weighted as not represdenting one person, but .97559. 

I can try to figure out how to create a dummy sheet and upload it later on, but that's about as much as I can provide right now.
samhawkins Aug 7, '19 at 3:57 pm
A dummy sheet that shows what is is before the click and what it should  be after the click would be the most helpful.
don (rep: 1825) Aug 7, '19 at 5:04 pm
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