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I created a form for many people at my work to use.  How do I collect the information from the form in one central workbook?  Thank you.




There are many ways to do this. Which one you choose depends upon the enironment in which you work and the workflow.

The apparently easiest way would be to store the form in the central workbook and allow everybody access. Such a solution may run into a problem when two or more people access the form (workbook) at the same time. The size of the problem depends upon how the central workbook is shared. 

Another solution would have you distribute the form but let the form's input be recorded in the central workbook instead of the one containing the form. This method vastly reduces the time during which each user accesses the central workbook. The question is whether users are allowed to edit data in the central workbook which would raise the problem of possible contradicting changes being made. If the users only add data this is the model I would go for.



Users will not be able to edit any data they enter.  So, my concern is will I run into an issue with two entries being made at the same time?  Thank you so much for your help.
nadinecanas Jul 31, '19 at 10:50 pm
If you use the second suggestion such an occurrance would be very unlikely because writing only takes a fraction of a second. Perhaps Windows can handle such an event by itself, reacting like the disc is slow or busy with one of its own systems. If it becomes an issue code can be written to capture the event but I wouldn't do that prophylacticly. The drawback of this system is in the distribution of the form. Every update must be installed on many PCs - nicer if there were only one.
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Variatus (rep: 3533) Aug 1, '19 at 12:00 am
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