code vba collection data from multible sheets to sheet1


i have sheet1,2,3,4  contains data i'd like transfer data to sheet5  but show the total every brand with formula column(d ) like this : sheet5(d)= (sheet1(d)+sheet2(d)+sheet4(d))-sheet3(d)



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Replace my semi colons with a comma to make the formulas work.

I've attached a file with 2 examples.

My Q to you: why VBA if Excel on itself can do the job?

There are several ways to do this. First what I noticed is that the numbers in your sheets (column balance) are stored as numbers and text (numbers are alligned to the right / Text to the left). You can solve this by selecting the column and then after that go to the Data tab, Text to Columns and click finish.

Furthermore, I don't understand why you are using several tabs for the same data. My advice, use 1 sheet with all the data. It makes your life much easier.

Then make a table of your data (select a cell a go to Insert >> Table (advice: give your table a name; not mandatory but again it makes your life easier)

The benefit of a table is that it makes your range dynamic.

After this is done, you can make use of a pivot table (example 2) or working with formulas (example 1). The benefit of example 1 is that it will always update your balance. A Pivot Table needs to be refreshed after adding new data.

The formula I used is with the function SUMIFS (and I gave every column of the table a separate name.


If you have never worked with tables, this is a short introduction of an article I have written




thanks  so much for your advices and your answering  i just ask about code to paracticing 
leopard (rep: 6) Jul 17, '19 at 2:27 am
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