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Drop down list with comments per line


I want to create a drop down list to insert abbreviations into a cell.

The cell should contain the abbreviation, but I want to see in the drop down list an explaination of the abbreviation.

Is this possible with a simple setup or do I need to make two cells and fill in the abbreviation by using lookup or similar functions?



Could you provide a bit more detail please.
Where is the list of values you need to choose from? Is the abbreviation and text in a single cell or do each have their own cells. Do you have objections to "user forms" or "user defined functions".
Might be able to help but didn't see anything on a quick look. I guess if you choose an abreviation and then do a look up you need to have an idea what the abbreviation means. I guess you would be more likely to select the full description then do a lookup for the abbreviation.
k1w1sm (rep: 197) Jul 3, '19 at 8:55 pm
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The "simple" way Excel intends to offer consists of a multi-column ComboBox where one column is shown in the drop-down and another used to fill the linked cell. However, when I consider that you will have to store the values for the two columns somewhere the idea you outline would seem to be not more complicated.

It all burns down to a definition of "simple". In the attached workbook I created two overlapping named ranges, Index and Dropdown, where Dropdown is in the first column of Index. This setup supports VLOOKUP. INDEX/MATCH won't require that (columns could be in any sequence). The setup for a ComboBox would look pretty much the same.

I pointed the cell validation in C3 to the Dropdown range and used the different lookups in column A.




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