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Counting the number of times a truck has been serviced or repaired in one month


We run a fleet of 100 trucks and please help

1 How many trucks were repaired sorted by vin number ( the count per vin number)

2 How many claims were made, lodged by vin nummber and invoice number 

As an expample

Truck#1 had one service only for a month the answer should A63-174 = 1

Truck 2 had a new gearbox fitted and 5 mores claims that were invoiced, the answere should be 5 (so the data regarding truck 2  should have an answer of HB4-0502 = 5

Your assistance is greatly appreciated 



I suggest you append a copy of your workbook to your question. It might then be possible to give you an answer you can implement.
Variatus (rep: 4889) Jun 22, '19 at 4:33 am
Where or how do I attach an excel fle to the discussion?
Nik (rep: 2) Jun 22, '19 at 5:11 pm
Click the Edit button below your post. That will bring up the view which you had when you first created your question. Below the panel in which you typed your question you will find a big button "Add Files to the Post". Click that button and follow the on-screen instructions.
Variatus (rep: 4889) Jun 22, '19 at 10:20 pm
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Selected Answer

Your question is rather ambiguous.  I suggest putting info in a pivot table to get you your answers.  Or use sumif to calculate your items


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