Excel macro for rumba mainframe


How to connect rumba mainframe through one excel macro? Suppose I have one excel with 50+ accounts. Now if I want to get a particular data from rumba mainframe for all those accounts in the same excel how to do that through a automated process by excel macro? Is there any way to do that?



I have never used that system before so I can't help much with that. I would suggest that you first figure out how to get the data out of Rumba and then come back here and we can figure out how to combine that data. As far as creating a macro to access this particular database, I'd first check the Import features in Excel to see if there is an easy database connection that you can make to the system and then duplicate that in a macro. After a quick google search, it seems like a number of people want this but that there is not a definitive answer online. I'm sorry I can't help more :/
don (rep: 1825) Jun 9, '19 at 12:25 pm
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