Adding same text to all Column A at once


Dear Respected Members,

In Column A, employee codes are give series wise. In first cell, I have typed "SMC-" before the employee code.

How to copy/add "SMC-" text in front of all remaining employee codes at once given in Column A?

Kindly guide.


Akash Sharma 




Try giving the cells a Custom format



Use the first variation if the employee code is a number, the second one if it's text. Either way, the existing cell content will change and "SMC-" is prefixed to all existing values.

For future entries note that "SMC-" mustn't be entered. If the user does enter the prefix and the format is "SMC-"0 (for numbers) the entry will over-ride the cell format because the entry isn't a number. But if the cell format is "SMC-"@ (for text) the prefix will appear twice.


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