I have data coming to me as a CSV file from time to time. I can turn that into an Excel Workbook file easily enough, but here's the problem. I'm faced with a mass of numbers. Much of it remains unchanged from week to week, but therre's a lot of data and it's easy to overlook something. What I need is a way to have changes from last week's data indicated or highlighted in some way.  Suggestions would be appreciated.



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There are many ways. The most suitable depends upon how your data are arranged.

  1. If they are on different worksheets - or even in different workbooks - a solution without VBA is difficult to imagine.
  2. If they are in different columns of the same worksheet - a state which can be induced manually or using VBA - a filter might be applied which filters out all that are equal, leaving those that are not.
  3. Or conditional formatting might be applied to one of the columns or both , highlighting those that are different.
  4. In fact, that should also be possible if the columns aren't on the same tab but would probably fail if compaison is attempted with another workbook.

Filtering and comparing will only work if the rows and their sequence are identical in both reports. If rows are periodically added or omitted the task becomes much more difficult, though perhaps not impossible, which makes VBA again more inviting.



Thanks very much. I appreciate your time.
Forgetful1 (rep: 2) Jun 7, '19 at 8:30 am
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