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If search to embed with vlook up


Hi i have a one problem please see the details below, i have attahced the sample file as well. 

i have thousand of search term and i need to categories them in to intend. so i used if sumproduct and if search formula by adding few key strings i wanted to look into. and that works fine, 


what i want to do is that if there is some way where i can embed vlookup or any other other formula which can help me look 1000's of competatior in to search term column and look partial part of  it give me a value in text "competitor" 

Is there is any way to look into it. 



I'm afraid your question isn't clear to me. I presume that you wish for a formula for cell Competitor!B3. It might help if you were to publish a few manually created results and/or a method by which to find it, such as where or how to look for the value in Competor!A3.
BTW your SUMPRODUCT formula seems to contain a typo. It has "apporved" which I presume should be "approved".
Variatus (rep: 4889) May 24, '19 at 6:16 am
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