Auto transfer/link data from main database to multiple workbook


Hey guys,

I'm currently working on this small competition database project. Previously, most of the transfering data was done manually and I find it very tedious and time comsuming as well. Of course I would like to make things easier by creating a "master template" for all future usage. 

I have a one main very detailed database workbook. 
I would like to automatically transfer/link data from the main database to respective workbook. (*additional, Is it possible to use VBA or Macro to automatically make excel transfer the data to " and create a new workbook"  )

For example: 
(main data)     Name| category | Option 1| Option 2| School |

I would like to auto transfer data from the main data to respective new workbook or existing workbook according to "School". Can it be done?

By end of the day, whenever a new data is key in to the main database, it will automatically have the new data at its respective workbook.

Please kindly do advice, thank you very much. 




Its there any guidline for VBA usage or macro video that can tackle these type of issue specifily? Or should I say, is there any example/ useful codes that I can use. Please advice guys. Thank you^^    
goldenparis (rep: 2) May 20, '19 at 11:52 am
You have reached pretty much the best site to offer what you want. Here at Don has been working to create foolproof projects, easy to understand and modify, and offer them with assistance. Unfortunately, the scope of possible uses just is too big to be covered by a single site or a single system of teaching. Another approach is Excel's own macro recorder. In the end, VBA is a language. It's like learning Swaheli. You need to learn the words (commands) by heart and learn the grammar (syntax) in order to assemble the words into meaningful sentences (routines) but, having done all that, you will still have to find things you wish to say (design your own project).
Variatus (rep: 3838) May 20, '19 at 10:01 pm
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Yes, it's possible to transfer data from one workbook to another using VBA. It's also possible to link workbooks in a way that data maintained in a master appear in subordinate workbooks.

In principle, it's a lot more difficult to transfer data than to delete them. Consider creating a new workbook as a copy of your master and then delete the data which are not required in the copy. Either way, the data to be manipulated must be precisely, but generically, identified before the task can be assigned to VBA.

Your main concern should be to create a system that you can manage by yourself. If someone were to write code for you to do what you specify you would run into trouble the day there is a small change which you might be unable to implement without help. Programmers are typically loathe to modify code written by someone else because even a small change requires full understanding of the project. You would (and should) be the only one who understands the entire code and therefore the programmer who modifies it.


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