vlookup not working properly


pls. open sheet 1,2,..... (any sheet) & select any product in "description of goods". choose any item other than 9% (cgst/sgst), check from "product list" sheet, it is not working. if u add any item to product list leaving cgst/sgst column blank it is dragging 9%  when u select that product in "description of goods". u can add any item taking cgst/sgst of any % or edit any item to any % apart from 9% and after that select that product in ""description of goods" & check result.




There is no attachment with your post. Can you edit the post and share some sample / attachment again.
ANAND KUMAR (rep: 35) May 9, '19 at 3:55 am
You need to "edit" your question in order to access the button which enables attachments to be uploaded.
Variatus (rep: 3758) May 9, '19 at 5:50 am
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