Import Web Data to Excel using VBA Macros


Thank you for the great video.

I want that the result (eg EURUSD) is written automaticly (for example every minute) in the cell A1 of the table sheet1. The result should be overwritten each time. (like a loop funktion)

So i like to start the macro and it runs till i stop it. In this time i get every minte new result

Undersatnd what i mean?

Please excuse a bad english.

I am near 60y old from germany and use Google translator





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Hi and welcome!

I'm glad you saw the tutorial, but I would like to point you in a different direction if you want to get updated data every minute.

In later versions of Excel, use Excels Data Types to import a large list of Stock prices and other related data and have it updated.

You basically just input ticker symbols in a column and select them and go to the Data tab and click the Stocks data type. After that you can click a drop down menu and select the data you want to view.

This may require you updating your version of Excel but it is a great new feature.

Here is a tutorial from Microsoft on this feature: financial data in Excel

I am pretty sure that this will also work with converting currencies.


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