needing help on a date problem.


needing help on a date problem.I want to always use the current date and see if it is equal to and/or falls between 2 specifed dates and if so then I want it to post in my formula cell info from another designated cell.

I have tried the below and variations of it but to no avail


 look under the  recap tab and you will see where i am trying to put the formula.    Sure, just edit your question and upload a sample workbook and it will be easier to see what's wrong and I can take a look at it. don (rep: 1616) Mar 27, '19 at 5:05 am


It seems to work just fine for me. I changed the dates to check and I don't see an issue. You can use this one to check for todays dates:
And sorry about late followups :P
don (rep: 1705) Apr 22, '19 at 3:06 pm
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