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Hi, this may be super easy for somebody on here.

I have 3x columns I want to combine to form a NI number

AB23   09   36C  the result I want is AB230936C, basically combine what I am seeing in each cell.

However when I use the concatenate function, the result is AB23936C. The leading zero in my custom format for 2 digit numbers in the middle cell is ignored.


AB23   09   36C   AB23936C

AB27   04   54C   AB27454C

Why is it so hard to combine cells?



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If you upload your exact example, it would's difficult to see what you are doing.  Especially how the 09 becomes a number 9.  In any event, you may need to format the alleged number with preceding zero.  If you're in cell F1 AND you assume that the 4 other text combinations are in cells A1 through D1 - here is the formula 


NOTE: you may have to adapt this to your particular situation, but you should be able to adopt it to your needs.



Thanks, I didn't know how to upload so I typed an example with the spaces to represent columns.

Thank you for your help!
c50 (rep: 2) Apr 18, '19 at 8:53 am
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