"Some text formatting may have changed in this file" each time excel file is opened


Whenever I open this particular excel file (inherited), I get a pop up saying "Some text formatting may have changed in this file because the maximum number of fonts was exceeded.It may help to close other documents and try again."

How can I resolve the underlying issue?



Maybe just take the time to select all the data and make it the same font-family?
don (rep: 1745) Apr 9, '19 at 9:45 am
Unfortunately that doesn't work, when I save and reopen the file the error message appears again.
Lynn Apr 9, '19 at 12:54 pm
Is it a file that you can upload here or it's too sensitive?
don (rep: 1745) Apr 12, '19 at 2:58 am
Hi Don,

Unfortunately it is sensitive :((
Lynn Apr 16, '19 at 10:37 am
I understand :/ It will be difficult to figure out a particular solution without seeing the file though I guess I'd say that you should try to keep future formatting simple and stay within the range of regularly used elements, sizes, fonts, soas to keep things running smoothly in the future.
don (rep: 1745) Apr 22, '19 at 3:19 pm
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