Excel for Mac, spacebar doesn't work when writing macros.


Hi, I recently upgraded Office on my Mac to Office 365 and now the space bar does not work when writing macros.  No other issues with the space bar.  I've spent over two hours on the phone with Microsoft, 9 phone calls, and just keep getting sent around in circles.  There is a lot of information online about this issue with PC's and I've checked what I can from there to no avail. 



So the spacebar works normally in all other programs? Do you have any macros that run automatically in Excel? That's the first thing that comes to my mind. Also, I read online that you might need to insert a new Module or make sure to save the file as a Macro-enabled workbook first and then re-open it, maybe you can try those tips as well.
don (rep: 1785) Apr 5, '19 at 4:08 pm
The file is being opened as macro enables and I do not have any macros that run automatically.  I even tried opening a new workbook in case something was going on in the one I was working in (which worked fine until I went to Office 365).  I have  deleted and inserted modules.  I found a lot of information online about this having been an issue on PCs and tried all the fixs there that I could apply.
baddog1016 (rep: 6) Apr 5, '19 at 8:03 pm
I'm sorry but I don't think I could add any value above the myriad of other answers online. It seems like the only other thing to try is to uninstall and reinstall, though I'm not sure that would change anything :/
don (rep: 1785) Apr 9, '19 at 9:40 am
Thanks Don, I'll try that, nothing to lose.  I had a conversation with Apple and reset my NVRAM and tried with the laptop opened in safe mode to no avail.  To their credit I received a follow up email from microsoft and they gave me a different phone number to try.  They are not giving up.  Whenn I get the answer I will post it here. 
baddog1016 (rep: 6) Apr 9, '19 at 11:23 am
You're welcome and yes please do post the answer here if you're able to get one. This is definitely one perplexing and annoying problem to have!  Good luck!
don (rep: 1785) Apr 12, '19 at 2:57 am
It turns out I still have Office 2011 on my computer and the space bar works normally in Excel there so I am concluding it's an Office 365 issue.  I will keep pushing Microsoft as time permits. 
baddog1016 (rep: 6) Apr 12, '19 at 8:28 am
Glad you at least are able to do some work in it the older version! Thanks for the update!
don (rep: 1785) Apr 16, '19 at 5:33 am
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