VBA Macro to Import Web data into Excel: how to create a list of stock prices?



I am making a stock quote list in an Excel spreadsheet. I used your tutorial* to enter the first stock price in an excel cell and it worked! (I changed the stock price to appear in cell A1 instead of a message box) However, at the moment I do only have 1 stock price and my goal is to make a list of stock prices which I can update by just running the macro once.

What do I have to change to get not only 1 stock price, but multiple imported at once?

(I have no VBA coding experience, but know how to do minor changes to the code)

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* https://www.teachexcel.com/excel-tutorial/2189/vba-macro-to-import-web-data-into-excel?nav=yt



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Honestly, I wouldn't use this to get a large list of Stock prices, I just used Stock Prices as an example so that it would be a data point that is often updated, but now I think that maybe I should have used a different example.

If you are in a later version of Excel, just  use Excels Data Types to import a large list of Stock prices and other related data and have it updated.

You basically just input ticker symbols in a column and select them and go to the Data tab and click the Stocks data type. After that you can click a drop down menu and select the data you want to view.

This may require you updating your version of Excel but it is a great new feature.

Here is a tutorial from Microsoft on this feature: Stock prices in Excel


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