"Run time error 429" In Export web data macros


Hi everyone,

I was running the Export web data macros


in my computer but when i execute the macro i received this error msgbox (i enabled the correct references in Tools > References)

"Run time error 429" ActiveX componet can't create the object

and the macros stops in the code line: request.send

I´m sure this a problem with my computer because when i tried to run the macro in my friends computer it works perfectly. I just want to know if is any kind of solution to run the macro in my own computer. If someone had the same problem and got the solution.



What version of Windows are you on? Also, do you have Internet Explorer installed? (that shouldn't matter but maybe it will help to narrow-down the issue). And, you're in Excel 2016, correct?
don (rep: 1745) Mar 28, '19 at 4:19 am
yes... i have installed Windows 10 and Internet explorer ...
and excel 2016
thats correct
psicosis inc Mar 28, '19 at 6:23 am
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Sorry for delay, the response got a bit lost. In the VBA window, you might also make sure that you have these libraries selected:

Tools > References:

- Visual Basic for Applications
- Microsoft Excel XX Object Library
- OLE Automation
- Microsoft Office XX Object Library
- Microsoft HTML Object Library
- Microsoft XML, V6.0

XX = a version number; on mine it is 16.0, but it could be different on your system and it shouldn't matter so much in this case.


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