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cell formatting macro to edit cell width/height and add text


I have never written a macro nor written much code before. So to begin with I would liike to know if it is even possible to write a macro that will change the width/height of cells and merge some cells. I also want to be able to have it allow the user to enter text into the cells and it will change te text size/bold text depending on which cell the tet is entered in.

Idealy, running the macro would start a prompt that asks for the cell width/height and content, 1 by 1 until the table is complete. The "title" cell will have a larger bolded font adn merge cells to create a "title cell" above the rest.


once this macro is run(cells formatted and the outcome is an excel worksheet that looks like a table with data entered) the worksheet will be usd in a program called XL2CAD in the AutoCAD 2019 design software. The data should come through to AutoCAD looking like a table with data entered.

I have already set up the AutoCAD side of this process, i just want to speed up the process of formatting the excel sheets because there are hundereds of table that need to be created.

any help is appreciated, Thank you.



hi there! The first step in the process is to try and setup the spreadsheet on your own and upload a sample here. No one is going to build the entire thing from scratch for you on the forum but we are glad to help you along the way during that process. Also, the Macro Recorder will help you greatly to get started, though it won't help with the pop-up windows.
don (rep: 1989) Mar 24, '19 at 11:16 am
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