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Windows 10 Excel spreadsheet – Assume sheet 1 cell A1 is a 3 with a red background and on sheet 2, cell A1 is set to be equal to sheet 1 A1.  However, the data comes out proper (3) but the background will not follow the color background of sheet 1 cell A1 showing no color at all.  I need the color background to follow.



Thank You but I will have to forget the route that i would have taken for updating the Home page.
Croll Messenger Mar 26, '19 at 9:49 am
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There is no automatic way to do that, but there is an easy way.

Copy the first cell > go to the one where you want the formatting and select it > type Alt + E + S + T and hit Enter.

This will copy/paste-special formats. No data will be copied, but all of the formatting, including the conditional formatting, will copy over.


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