How make selected items in a checklist auto populate in another sheet


I am trying to auto populate a "shipping ticket" based off of a checklist on a seprate sheet that has a list of all possible items that one person may need.  for example on one sheet there will be a list of 25 items that can be picked, so a person will only check or select what is needed, so say they only need 5 things from the list. How do I make those 5 things that are "checked" or "selected" appear on a seperate sheet in sequential order?  attached is an example of the shipping ticket where I want things to autopopulate to based off what is selected




It should be possible to do what you want using worksheet functions and filters. It will be a complicated process and the user must have detailed step-by-step instructions. Therefore the better way would be using VBA.

The best way to solve the problem with VBA would be to put the list in a ListBox. The user clicks on the items he wants and the selected items get transferred when the ListBox is closed.

In Excel 2007 and up you could have a ListBox on the sheet itself. Since your sample workbook is in Excel 2003 you would need to create a user form which contains the ListBox. The user form would open when a button on the sheet is pressed and closes when a button on the firm is clicked. The transfer takes place at that moment.

If you write a little code starting to implement the idea you can find help here if you get stuck.


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