I work for 4 day then go off for 4 days. How can I conditionally format the 4days I work in red and the 4days I am off in green? Let assume my shift starts today: 15th Feb 2019



It depends on how you enter your work days. Edit your question and upload a sample file and I can take a look.
don (rep: 1655) Feb 20, '19 at 8:42 am
Preamble : My shift starts on 22/02/2019 . I'm on duty on 22/02/2019,  23/02/2019, 24/02/2019  and 25/02/2019. Then I go off duty on 26/02/2019, 27/02/2019, 28/02/2019 and 1/03/2019 . I will resume duty  on 2/03/2019  and do another 4 days ( 2nd -5th March 2019) .Thereafter , I will be off again between (6th- 9th March  2019). This  sequence continues  Task : Conditionally format the 4 days I'm on duty in RED and the 4 days I'm off duty in GREEN

Download Sample file here :!AlmDVEeb1MpIhF9HFcgFZzcHP5qq
xlong23 Feb 21, '19 at 10:32 pm
You would have to upload your workbook here. You can do that by editing your original question. The days you are working and those when you are off shoud be discernible from the entries in your worksheet. It's all about how to display the information. Colouring it only enhances the display which must already be there in one form or another.
Variatus (rep: 2613) Feb 22, '19 at 6:49 am
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