Automatically Timestamp Data Entries in Excel


I reviewed your video on how to do this and I used the code and created a macro and it works great on my worksheet, my problem is I then shared the worksheet and whenever anyone that I shared it with does any updates in the worksheet it doesn't fill in the timestamp or the updated timestamp. So basically once I share the workbook the macro isn't running for the shared people it only runs for my entries.  Is there a way to correct this?

I have added the spreadsheet.



The presumption is that the code will run wherever it is available. If it isn't running, therefore, it isn't available. That begs the question of how the code is embedded in the workbook and how you share the workbook. You probably know that you can remove code from a workbook in xlsm format simply by saving it in xlsx format. Perhaps this is what's happening. If it's something else, please post your workbook. You can edit your question and then attach it.
Variatus (rep: 4218) Feb 13, '19 at 8:35 pm
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The code works fine with me. Therefore you should look at the way the workbook is shared. Are you uploading it to a shared platform or cloud? Is it being sent by email? Excel will normally open workbooks from strangers with code disabled. There will be a message bar at the top of the screen prompting the recipient to "enable editing" with caution. If your recipients don't enable editing the code remains dead.

There are more safeguards in MS Office and Windows installations which enable the user not to run VBA code by default, meaning the recipient may never be asked to "enable editing" if he has set his software to categorically not run code.

The best way to deal with the problem is to either be present while the recipient opens the workbook or stay on the phone with him during that process. You would need to know exactly, click by click, what is being done so that you can pinpoint the moment when your code is disabled.


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