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How can a custom view be copied from one tab to another tab in Excel 2010 and Excel 2013. Once the data is copied from one tab to the next, when clicking on custom view it brings me back to the original tab.

Further details: I've created custom views in my first Worksheet and am now trying to copy the same custom views into additional worksheets. I need about 30 worksheets in each Workbook, which all need to have the same custom views as well (Currently when you select a custom view from one of the Worksheets that was copied from the original, Excel returns you to the original page). Is there a way to copy custom views from one worksheet to another?



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Custom Views are designed to be specific to one sheet in the sense that the sheet itself is part of the saved instruction. In your scenario that works against your intentions.

Preparing 30 identical sheets would best be accomplished by using a template. You could then save the settings for each of these sheets as Custom View 01, Custom View 02 etc.

More to your liking might be the idea to create a macro that applies certain formatting to any specified worksheet. This can be done using VBA. Mind that you are unlikely to be able to replicate the functionality of a built-in Custom View in this way 100%. The reason is in the probable reason why Excel doesn't have this feature. But on the other hand you are unlikely to ever need 100% of the available built-in features. You could create a macro that sets the ten or twelve settings you care about and be 99% happy with that.

Returning to answering your questions, the only way to copy the settings of one sheet to another is to copy the sheet itself. Custom Views can't be copied. The solution lies in a macro that applies certain settings, then apply the same settings to different sheets using the same macro.



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