How to link a date to a paragraph


Survey date : 18/02/2019

Under instruction from M/s. Natmar Hub, Kozhikode,  , the undersigned inspected the vehicle from the premises of M/S. A.M Motors, Malappuram on 18/02/2019.  On a thorough examination of the damaged vehicle I observed the damages as recorded in the annexure "Details of Damages".

I want to link survey date to the paragraph




You can use the CONCATENATE function for this, in fact concatenating 3 parts of your desired output: leader, date and trailer. All three can be of any length or format. I omittrd extra text which you may like to add as desired.

=CONCATENATE("Under instructions .. on ",TEXT($B$1, "dd mmmm yyyy.")," Upon thorough ""Damage Report"".")

Below is a variation of the above. The function name is omitted and the function's commas replaced with ampersands. Many programmers prefer this version because it's shorter.

="Under instructions .. on "&TEXT($B$1,"dd mmmm yyyy.")&" Upon thorough ""Damage Report""."

Observe how th date format is set according to your preference and to to add the quotation marks around "Damage Report".


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