Copy New Data to Another Worksheet but need to match the Account number and the Date


Hi all. Hoping all you excel experts can help with this Data matching worksheet Im trying to create. 

Its actually quite similar to the "Automatically Copy New Data to Another Worksheet" tutorial but I would like it to have find,match, and copy capabilities.  Picture my worksheet haing two sheets, one sheet for data entry that will get replaced with new data every month, and another sheet that stores the incoming data in the first sheet.

I want to copy the data to another worksheet but it needs to match the account code that are in the rows and need to match the dates that are in the columns.  For example,  in the data entry worksheet, the first column will have account codes ABC with an amount $100 and EFG with an amount of $200 for February 2020.  I want a macro that will look in other worksheet and find ABC in rows and February 2020 in columns and copy and paste values $100 and find EFG and Februray and copy and paste values $200. 

Is this something you all can help with? Much appreciated!



I think you may not find anyone here willing to program this for you. The reason is mostly that there is a lot of detail that must be decided beforehand and which you wouldn't even realise exists until you have to make a program work. There is no room to ask or answer here. Therefore the rule is to ask for our own attempt at programming and then help fix your code. In that way you will at least know which problems exist.
Variatus (rep: 4864) Feb 4, '19 at 11:23 pm
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