Viewing Data in a Form (excel) that requires search on two fields to be unique.


I have data that can be input into the bullet proof form that was shown in the tutorial, however, my data can not use a unique character such as the 'ID'. The search function would need to look at two fields to pull a unique record.

The data that would be entered by production supervisors would be unique to 'Date' and 'Production Line'. It would be more useful, if the 'Find Record' button pulled up two parameters to pull the row of data.

Is this possible to tweak the code in the tutorial for the third macro? Is this covered in the Premium?



The premium course does not cover that specific topic, but, if you need it, I can make a note to add that to the course.
don (rep: 1745) Jan 25, '19 at 7:07 pm
Yes, I do need that. If you could add it, that would be appreciated! I'll get premium so that I'll have access to view it once you've added. Thank you. 
mrsells21 Jan 30, '19 at 5:42 am
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