Statement to ensure cell is not blank if another cell has value


Hello! I am working on a spreadsheet that I believe requires a multi-level formula, but many attempts at it has proven to be incorrect. I've tried IF, IF AND, IF OR, and ISBLANK formulas, and they didn't work... BUT, my knowledge is limited on these formulas. If you can help me with this, I would be greatly appreciative. 

Here's what I need: 

If E52 is blank, then F52 must be blank, but also, if e52 has a value, then F52 must have a value (either Cash, Check, C.C. that is to be selected with a drop down list). 

This formula works (TRUE) if both cells contain values: 

If both cells are blank it is giving me a False statement, but I need it to be True. It also must be False if E52 contains a value and F52 is blank. 

Can you help me figure out how to correct my formula?

Thank you in advance for any help! 

Note: The formula shown in the image is just a sample of what I've tried and didn't work. 



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This formula returns False only if one of the two cells has a value in it.



Hi Variatus, thank you again for your help... this worked perfectly! I never would have thought to use a "Count" formula...I'm going to have to really start learning to think outside of the box with some of the things I'm working on. 
Elaine (rep: 4) Jan 15, '19 at 8:30 am
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=IF(OR(AND(E52<>0,F52="Cash"),AND(E52<>0,F52="CC"),AND(E52<>0,F52="check")),"true","Error Review")
.  Feel free to change CC to C.C. or what ever your designation is. The same goes for the message.


Thank you for your information, it did work partially. The only thing that didn't work was if both are blank, then it still comes up with "Error Review". I need this to show as ok when both are blank. Thanks again for your help, I will be using this formula in my workbook further down the line as this will work for another section I'm working on. 
Elaine (rep: 4) Jan 15, '19 at 8:26 am
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