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Hi All,

i have query regarding find out the TAT calculation for the below infomation that i have

Date created

Clarification sent date

Clarification received date

Review sumbit date (end of first TAT)

Clarification Sent Date (After Review)

Clarification Received date

Final submission date

Working Hours 9AM to 6PM. if a ticket was create in between working hours that should be completed within a EOD. if it was created after 4 PM (cutoff) the TAT should be completed on the next EOD

If we have sumit any clarification within working hours and receive a clari after 4PM the TAT should be completed on the next EOD

Totally i need two TAT. one is review submit & final submit. if both are met the TAT. the final TAT should be met. otherwise Not Met.

Please advise on this...



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Variatus (rep: 4148) Dec 10, '18 at 7:15 pm
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