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I would like to have my "Intake" Sheet Link to the information on the "essentail skills" sheet, so i can choose from the dropdown on the "Intake" sheet in the "Level" Column.

If i choose the "level 1" on the "Intake" Sheet the next column C "reading" will fill in from the "essential skills" reading level 1 text, and so on.

Thank you.



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Welcome back Heather.

Please try this formula in cell C2 of your Intake sheet.


Note that I made changes to your validation drop-down in B2 and some other changes in your workbook which I have marked in the attached copy of the same. The validation list you have in 'Essential Skill'!J:J won't work. I have replaced it with 'Essential Skill'!C1:G1 after first making sure that the values there correspond to what you need (all explained in the attached). The point here is that B2+2 in the above formula in fact refers to row 1 of the range Essentialskill where the first two columns are not used for this purpose. Level 1 is in column 3, hence the +2.



thank you again!

I see what you did there. Thanks a million
heather00 (rep: 10) Nov 28, '18 at 12:10 pm
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