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How to convert TXT file to Excel and match data


Is there way to pull in a txt file "11-20-18-loan-plug-sql.txt" into my "Plugs" worksheet tab "Txt File" ?

I then need to match the data in the "Txt File" tab that has been pulled in to correspond to the "Plug tab in Column L marked in Blue. (Columns A;A,B:B,C:C,D:D,E:E,F:F,G:G,H:H) will need to correspond to the data in the "Txt File" tab and provide a choice of (Match, Change, No match) - These are all highlighted in yellow in A2:H2 that need to match the TXT. Notice that The TXT file will have a different name for Columns (E:H) and those names I've provided in (E1:H1)

P.S. You are the best!



Did you mean to attach a sample file? If not, it would be a good idea in this case.
don (rep: 1989) Nov 20, '18 at 5:12 pm
Should be added now. 
Sroncey21 (rep: 66) Nov 20, '18 at 5:28 pm
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You can import a TXT file into Excel - but you can't ask two questions in one thread lol:

Load Excel and use File > Open to open the TXT file. Excel will ask you about the nature of the file. If it may be presumed that it is a comma delimited file (meaning commas between all values), or perhaps with tabs or spaces, you can make the selection appropriate and see in the space below the click area what the data wil look like when imported to Excel. When it looks like you expect click Finish and you are done. Next import your other data into the new workbook or the other way around. Then ask your next question.

If you get stuck on importing the file in the above way please attach a copy of your TXT file to your question. (While updating your question you might also delete all that concerns the next one.) I think you may not be allowed to upload a TXT file on this site. If your file is rejected, try to change the extension to CSV, and if that doesn't work either, try XLS. Just mention in  your question how you changed the file name.



The TXT file would not add so i've imported into the "Txt File" Tab in the "Plugs workbook. 
Sroncey21 (rep: 66) Nov 20, '18 at 8:40 pm
If you successfully imported the TXT file into Excel this question has been answered and should be closed.
Variatus (rep: 4889) Nov 20, '18 at 8:55 pm
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