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How to Add days to a range of dates


I need to be able to add days to a range of cells in excel. I can add days. That is just (A2+90) and it gives me my results. But if I want to apply that same formula of plus 90 to each date below it. It will only give me the same result repeatedly and not changed based on the date below it. Is there a way to copy say plus 90 days to a a column of different dates?



Selected Answer
  1. Type "90" in any blank cell on your worksheet.
  2. Select the cell in which you typed.
  3. Press Ctl+C or Right-click > Copy to copy the value to the clipboard.
  4. Select the range with the dates you wish to modify.
  5. Right-click and select Paste Special > Paste Special
  6. Select the Add option and click OK.
  7. The selected dates may change to numbers at this time.
  8. If so, select the range (actually, it is still selected) and apply a date format by selecting Format Cells > Number tab >  Date.
  9. You can now delete the "90" which was used in the calculation.

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