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I have data in the sheet, production, management, information and I want to separate them by putting a blank line when it ends the column concerning production, blank line to separate production management ......

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with vba code
MJFernandes Oct 4, '18 at 4:44 am
The workbook you posted looks like you are trying to do your homework. I might help you learn if you don't ask me to do the work for you. For now, I can't find the rows for "production" and "management", not even the sheet which you might refer to. Also, on the type of sheets in your workbook one wouldn't use VBA to insert rows. It's faster and easier just to select a row, click Insert (on the ribbon's Home tab) and select Sheet Row. VBA would be advantageous where a row must be inserted repetitively, for example, whenever the entries in one row have been completed.
Note that, rather than using the Discussion section, you can modify your original question to clarify what you would like to have explained.
Variatus (rep: 2688) Oct 4, '18 at 5:12 am
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