Merge rows and sum values VBA or Formula


Need help to sort data automatically in first step, in 2nd merge rows if data in column C, D, E matched and sum their values of F, G, H & K columns. 

Need formula or VBA code

for detail/further clarification file is attached.




To use the solution offered in the attached workbook please read the comments in the code which you will find in the module TeachExcel. You can change the starting row by assigning another value to the enumeration NwsFirstDataRow and you can change all columns to match changes in your workbook. Note that the code doesn't require columns to be consecutive although they, in fact are.

In the attached workbook the sheet Original Data is a copy of the top table from your Sheet1. The worksheet Solution is a copy of the Original Data. Running the procedure SortAndMerge will modify the data in Solution. To repeat the test copy Original Data back to Solutions. To expand testing, modify the sheet Original Data before creating a copy of it in Solutions.


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