Copy Paste Row Data Based Several Qualifiers


Hello to all! This is part 2 of Insert Row Based on Consecutive Qualifiers. The code provided for inserting the rows works perfect. 

The data represents time card corrections.  Instructions tab is included to help you understand the challenges I am faced with.  I am uncertain as to what is the best way to approach this.

The time-card corrections fall in one of the four categories and the goal is to get the data in a CC From followed by a CC To.  For every CC From transaction it should be followed by a CC To transaction. 

1.  Charged to the wrong Project Code

2.  Didn't charge time when they actually worked. {Reflects transactions for which there is no CC From to copy/paste - Nothing but CC To(s) exist}

3.  Charged time when they didn't work. {Reflects transactions for which there is no CC To(s) to copy/paste - Nothing but CC From(s) exist}

4. Charged the wrong hours (increase/decrease of hours only).

I look forward to hearing from you. You help is very much appreciated. In a further dicussion posted I provide an avenue of approach. I am eager to hear your thoughts.

Thanks - Cora



I am still trying to fully understand VBA since I am new to it.  I have an idea about a path forward on this.  Please by all means tell me if you think this may be something we can work with or if you have a better idea.  I am thinking that we do a count of CC From(s)/CC To(s) by employee by date as a Function then do another function that states if the CC From(s) are > than the CC To(s) for that date for that employee then copy/paste/special CC To(s) as inserted/cut/cells and replace CC To with CC From, replace Hours 0, Cost 0.  Then change data to highlight.  If we did it were first determined what is missing and as inserted/cut/cells then we don't have to insert blank rows to copy paste the data. It would automatically do it.  We can use Call of the Functions in the Sub. These are just my thoughts. Let me know what you think.
CoraG (rep: 6) Oct 11, '18 at 11:14 am
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